Iurii Dynys
Author of Middle Grade Space Fiction

About Iurii Dynys


Iurii Dynys and his Bunch

Iurii Dynys writes Sci-Fi books for kids who love comics, adventures, mysteries, and humor. He is a full-time father and knows what kids want.

Iurii, his son Damir and children’s illustrator Julia Tolmachova invented a new kind of children’s books – “read’n’look book” – for those kids who want to read and like comics.

Iurii lives in Ukraine with his wife and son, loves Sci-Fi, Fantasy, video games, and everything about kids. And about how hard it is to waken kid’s interest in reading in the world of video games and Youtube!

When his son Damir was three, he asked Iurii to tell him a bedtime story. That was the beginning Space Bunch saga! Iurii started to record his stories, and five years later, they collected more than 400!

When Damir went to school, Iurii meets the common problem of all parents – reading is boring for children. Books can’t compete with video games, social networks, and Youtube.

So he invented “read’n’look book” – more reading, than comics, more pictures, than an ordinary book.

Lovely artist Julia Tolmachova made unique illustrations – and they illustrated every single text page with a comics-like picture!

Actually, Iurii and his bunch invented NOT BORING BOOKS!

Read, look and enjoy our read’n’look books!



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