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Author of Middle Grade Space Fiction



Ok, here’s my story

My name is Yuri Dynys. I used to be a lawyer for a long, long time, and then something amazing happened – my son was born. When he was three, he asked me to tell him a bedtime story. I tried to remember some, but I’d forgotten all the children’s tales I’d heard before.  So I made up my own tale, and that one was a complete success. Then there was a new story, and another new story, and another new story, and one evening my kid asked me to tell a story I’d told him a few weeks before. But I couldn’t remember it! Since that time I started to record all our stories on a tape recorder.

Three years later we had over two hundred stories. When I was busy, my son listened to the old stories on  the tape recorder (a useful know-how, when you’re a tired father, huh?). We invented adventures and new heroes together, and that was great fun for both of us.

Suddenly my son became six, went to school, started learning to read and showed no interest in reading – “That’s so boring, daddy!”. “All right,” I said, “Gimme that tape recorder!”.

And I wrote a story. “Here, read it, you’ll like it”, I gave him a thin pack  of paper. “Huh, so many letters…” my kid said. “That’s so boring, daddy!”. “All right,” I said, then I went out and met a lovely artist – Julia Tolmachova. She made a beautiful illustration for that story, and finally, to my surprise, the first book was born – “The Grey Dust Planet”. “Here, read it, you’ll like it. And start learning to read!” I gave him the book. “Wow, that’s nice!” my kid said. “Oh no! It’s for kids!”. “Jesus Crist, you’re seven, who do you think you are?!” “I’m a teenager. Well, a small teenager,” said my son, giving the book back to me. “And I’ve already passed the reading tests”.

That was enough for me. ‘I will always be a lawyer, but my son will never be a kid again. He needs me now. And I don’t want to miss the best years of his childhood – and the best years of my fatherhood.’

So, I paused my career as a lawyer, founded a fatherhood community “Tatovi kazky” (“Daddy’s tales” in English), and became a full-time father and children’s writer. All that happened five years ago.

For five years me, my son Damir and Julia Tolmachova have been working on “Space bunch” books. And now we are ready to present them. Enjoy!


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