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What is Middle Grade?

03.15.2021 11:32
Iurii Dynys

What is Middle Grade?

    Middle Grade is not WHAT. Middle Grade is WHO :). Talking seriously, Middle Grade is a demographic term covering human beings aged from 8 to 12. When we talking about Middle-Grade Fiction, Middle-Grade Non-fiction, Middle-Grade Fantasy of Middle-Grade Sci-fi, it is not about genres; it’s about readers’ age.

   Sounds dumb, but Middle-Grade books are Books for Middle Graders. I’m Captain Obvious.
The key point here is not books but the age of the readers. Namely, your readers’ age dictates what to write and how to promote your writings if you are a Middle-Grade writer.

   I’ve got a perfect example for this. I used to tell bedtime stories to my son from his age of 3 to 11. The same genre – Sci-Fi, Action and Adventures. But stories have changed from day to day as my son growing. Yesterday’s story is boring for today’s kid, not because of the story – because of the kid! He became older and different. And this is the main point for Middle-Grade writing.

   When I’m writing my  Spacebunch stories, I don’t write Middle-Grade fiction. I’m crafting stories for guys and girls in their 9-12 year, trying not to be boring for them (see The Rules of Middle-Grade Storytelling )

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