Iurii Dynys
Author of Middle Grade Space Fiction

Fistful Of Ice

Kru and Birike stay for summer holidays at a Moon house with their parents’ old friend, Alya. In one day, they free a strange little thing, get cheated by a girl, go to buy some ice… Quite a busy day, but things get even more complicated if Kru and Birike step in.

The only ice seller turns out to be a pirate, the only ice asteroid is … not actually an asteroid, and the only terrible girl on board becomes their friend.

Meet your old friends Kru and Birike, pirates, the Clear Brother of the Star Who Dances in the Shining Dust All the Way from the Pearlescent Nebula to the Center of the Galaxy (who’s that guy?). And of course, meet Selenite Luna – the only girl in the Universe who can tame the bunch!

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